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Male or Female Personals with or without Experience who likes to work in Hospitality Industry in Sri Lanka is hereby invited to kindly submit your CV by clicking the "Applicants” Tab in this web site. We will be placing your application to prominent Hotels & Resorts in Sri Lanka to gain prestige to you & our country with your service.
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The “ K & S Travels Agencies “ is registered company in Sri Lanka, which have started business commencement as a company for supplying of manpower for foreign recruitments & for air line ticketing and have being a holder of Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employments License Number 1457 as a foreign recruitment supplying agency since 1997, rendering our service mainly to Middle East countries and looking forward to expand our service to all the countries, which are interested about Manpower from Sri Lanka.

The Agency is interested in supplying of manpower for foreign employments to the sectors such as , Industrial & Manufacturing / Apparel & Garments / Building & Construction / Real State / Ports & Aviation / Marine & Logistic / Food Manufacturing & Processing / Hotels & Restaurants / Hospitals & Health Care / Sanitary Service Related Fields / Automobile & Transportation Fields / Technical & Mechanical / Building Maintenance / Security Firms / Shops & Shopping Malls / Groceries & Supper Markets / Schools & Collages / …. Accordingly, the Agency's main interest is to fulfill any of recruiting needs which are demanding from the foreign companies & agencies in the manner of getting of a dependable job done in secured conditions for all the parties respectively and making sure about our supplied male and female workers goodwill too.

We are glad to supply Male & Female candidates whom are to be recruited as “ Professional “ personals & “ Skilled “ workers under various job categories ( Also the General Workers such as Labours , Helpers , Cleaners , Attendants , Care Takers, and the domestic workers such as House Maids / Drivers / Cooks too.) for good companies & agencies which are interested about manpower from Sri Lanka.
The Agency has recruited thousands of people along our way under various job categories to foreign countries. Hence, we are proud to be informing of the service we have rendered for the job seekers and the employers, nevertheless as their inter-connecting partner as well.